Get to know us

Our mission

Our mission is to help individuals, organizations, and communities worldwide mitigate cyber threats and stay safe online.

We strive to make cybersecurity education accessible to all by developing comprehensive yet easy-to-understand learning programs. These programs cover foundational concepts as well as more advanced topics, and are available in multiple formats including online courses, in-person workshops, and educational resources. We work to identify and eliminate barriers to ensure cybersecurity knowledge reaches people of all backgrounds.

To empower organizations, we provide expertise, consulting services and tools to assess security posture, strengthen defenses and respond effectively to incidents. This includes strategic planning, technical audits, staff training programs, forensic services and around-the-clock incident response support.

To build community resilience, we foster collaboration between security leaders, facilitate knowledge sharing on emerging risks, and conduct outreach programs. Our initiatives bring diverse stakeholders together to address challenges through open dialogue and coordinated efforts.

We fulfill our mission through a commitment to innovation. Our team designs new technical solutions, learning content and service models to stay ahead of evolving threats. We also pilot innovative approaches to make cybersecurity concepts more engaging, accessible and relevant for all audiences.

By addressing cyber risks through education, expertise and community-driven solutions, our goal is to make the digital world safer and more secure for individuals, businesses and society as a whole. Our mission drives us to continuously advance this vision on a global scale.

Our vision

To advance cybersecurity education and risk mitigation on a global scale through innovative solutions and leadership.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to empower individuals, organizations and communities worldwide with the knowledge, resources and expertise needed to mitigate cyber threats, protect digital assets and reduce risk through all levels of integrated education.

Our values

Integrity - We conduct all activities with the highest ethical standards. Honesty, trustworthiness and accountability are at the core of everything we do.

Respect - We treat all people with dignity, courtesy and equality. Diverse perspectives and backgrounds are valued within our organization and community.

Professionalism - We adhere to cybersecurity best practices and technical excellence in our work. Excellence, competence and commitment to continued learning define our operations.

Collaboration - We believe that together, through open cooperation and coordination across all sectors, we can most effectively counter cyber risks. Partnership and teamwork are fundamental.

Data Protection - We respect individual privacy and security. Protection of sensitive or regulated information is paramount in all initiatives and solutions.

Continuous Improvement - We embrace new ideas and welcome critical feedback to enhance our programs and services. Innovation builds on lessons learned through assessment and review.

Responsible Innovation - We develop and apply new technologies, processes and business models ethically and sustainably to address societal needs.

Accountability - We are responsible for our actions, decisions and performance. Compliance, transparency and diligent oversight ensure commitment to our stakeholders and values.

Trust - We build relationships based on reliability, confidence and faith.

These values guide our interactions, priorities and culture. They underpin our mission to strengthen cybersecurity on a global scale through education, expertise and community empowerment. Upholding the highest values enables us to best serve all stakeholders.